The Network of Social Solidarity and Assistance together with the crowd funding programme Act4Greece join forces to meet the needs of soup kitchens in Thessaloniki and Northern Greece

Another important action is implemented through Act4Greece, a National Bank of Greece programme for collecting funds for important social goals: namely feeding poor families by supporting soup kitchens in the wider Thessaloniki area and other cities in Northern Greece. 

Specifically, through its e-platform (, from 12 March 2019 to 12 September 2019, individuals and businesses can donate any amount they choose by selecting the action “Soup kitchens in Northern Greece” and following a few simple steps. The aim is to gather €50,000 for the funding of soup kitchens, which will then be made available on a steady and regular basis to individuals and families in need. Donations may be made by direct deposit to any Branch of the National Bank of Greece or by wire transfer through its online networks, internet, phone and mobile banking, to account no. 080/00742687 (IBAN: GR5201100800000008000742687 / BIC: ETHNGRAA).

The National Bank of Greece, wanting to contribute to achieving the goal, is also supporting the action financially and has donated €20,000.

With everyone’s support, the Network will expand the provision of meals to the wider area of Northern Greece, in order to meet the food requirements of poor families. It is worth mentioning that the Network currently supports more than 75 soup kitchens, foundations and intermediate entities throughout Northern Greece, while its collaboration with act4Greece will benefit 2,500 individuals and families.

In this regard, the Network’s President, Nikos Pentzos, noted: “We are very happy about our collaboration with the innovative programme act4Greece. We have a mutual concern for and intention to stand by our fellow citizens in need. We also share the same vision of incorporating solidarity into our daily lives. With the Soup Kitchens in Northern Greece action we will be able to further support the Network’s initiatives for providing meals to families in need.

The act4Greece Programme is a bold initiative for promoting social and developmental banking. In 2016, Greece’s first online platform was created for gathering funds from the “crowd”, that is from any interested party anywhere on the planet; funds that would then be channeled to specific projects whose implementation has been undertaken by welfare and social solidarity entities. Act4Greece’s multiple actions are being realised by entities with experience and credibility in their fields, and through website we are making use of the modern tool of crowdfunding.

The Network of Social Solidarity and Assistance is an alliance of Thessaloniki’s leading business organisations: the Thessaloniki Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TCCI), the Chamber of Small and Medium Sized Industries of Thessaloniki (VETH), the Professional Chamber of Thessaloniki (EETH), the Federation of Industries of Northern Greece (SVVE), the Exporters’ Association of Northern Greece (SEVE) and the Traders’ Association of Thessaloniki (ESTH).

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