Who we are

Our network

The Network of Social Solidarity and Assistance is a non-profit organisation, founded in the context of Corporate Social Responsibility actions. Its purpose is to become a bridge for communication between businesses and society by encouraging companies to support individuals, groups, charity associations, organisations and related entities and to offer material goods and/or services.

The Network of Social Solidarity and Assistance came into being when Thessaloniki’s leading business organisations joined forces to create it. These organisations are the Federation of Industries of Greece (SBE), the Thessaloniki Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TCCI), the Chamber of Small and Medium Sized Industries of Thessaloniki (VETH), the Professionals' Chamber of Thessaloniki (EETH), the Exporters’ Association of Northern Greece (SEVE) and the Traders’ Association of Thessaloniki (ESTH).

The Network of Social Solidarity and Assistance is housed in the offices of the Federation of Industries of Northern Greece, on the 6th floor of the building at 1 Morihovou Square, in Thessaloniki’s Ladadika district. Its President is Nikolaos Pentzos, President and General Manager of ZANAE SA.


The network’s goals

  • To support individuals, groups, charity associations, organisations and related entities, by connecting them with the business community of Northern Greece.
  • To promote a bridge between businesses and vulnerable social groups. 
  • To advocate the concepts of corporate social awareness and responsibility and to foster the idea of social cohesiveness in Greece.
  • The Network mobilises businesses and evaluates, develops and promotes tools for the implementation of its principles, both in Greece and abroad.


How it works

The Network of Social Solidarity and Assistance aims at supporting individuals, groups and charity associations, organisations and related entities, by promoting corporate links with vulnerable social groups and mobilising businesses to undertake social responsibility actions. We try to help institutions and do social work, primarily with children and young people. Because of the economic crisis, of course, we have also been helping institutions that support older people, as well as many soup kitchens.

We begin by contacting the institutions and soup-kitchens and intermediary entities with which we work, and listing their needs. Next, we consolidate and categorise their needs (e.g. heating, electronic goods, electrical appliances, clothing and shoes, linens, personal hygiene and cleaning products, food and beverages, etc.)

Then we send the list of needs to the Network’s founding organisations, which in turn contact their member companies. Having the needs categorised facilitates the targeted mobilisation of the supporting businesses.

Next, the member companies that wish to help, either with goods or services or with monetary support, contact the Network and are informed of the procedural details.

We collect and store beverages and dry, frozen and refrigerated foodstuffs in warehouses and refrigerators, and from there deliveries are made directly to the institutions. The storage and refrigeration facilities have been made available to us by a company that supports our work by offering its services and premises for the proper storage and preservation of the products until their distribution. In the case of bulky goods (e.g. furniture, equipment, machinery, electrical appliances, etc.), we co-ordinate the deliveries to the institutions directly from the sponsor companies.

Finally, we make on-site visits to verify that the required items have been delivered and to photograph the premises where they have been placed. The Network immediately informs the sponsor companies of the progress of their donation and sends out thank you letters and photographs of the completed actions.